Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Those whom are left at home when I am working

Elaine and I felt rather guilty leaving home everyday because Nicole would definitely make a scene, she wanted to follow us to work. She kept repeating, "Kiu Kiu go work, (refering to me as uncle) Ah Kam go work, (refering to Elaine as Aunty) Nicole go work" Grandma and I will ask her, "Nicole want to wash dishes, is it?" And she will nod her head(what she wanna do there? Wash the dishes also cannot la)

I felt sorry for my mum, her health condition seems to have worsen recently (She is getting tired quiter easily and she complains of severe headaches and leg pain. Because of our financial condition she have to go to Penang General Hospital for her medication and check ups **Here I'd like to thank Melinda and Johnny (my cousin and her husband) for helping us out to take my mum's monthly medication**

It has been very hard for her to cope with a life all on her own when she used to have my stepdad to depend on all the time (My stepdad is the one whom have raised me and have passed away 2 years ago, just before Nicole was born) With my mum doing Elaine's confinement, I got to realised that my mum's personality have changed a lot and also have gotten rather old recently. I do wish that I could have the money to take her somewhere for a holiday. But my condition "tau hei dou em tak han" (take a breathe also no time) And also her 60th birthday is coming up soon. By the way, believe it or not, my mum and Elaine's birthday is on the same day!!!!

This is the picture of grandma with her two grandchildren.
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