Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sleeping while feeding

Whenever Keith is about to fall asleep he tends to whine for his milk. Normally he will take about 1/2 to 1 oz and he will fall sound asleep after that. I thought I knew him well enough :P But no he have more tricks under his sleeves. Sometimes when I feed his early morning milk, he would stop feeding and just suck once a while on the bottle or even push it out of his mouth...... there reason for this is he needed his diaper change or he just wanted to sleep. Sometimes he does that because the feeder is not talking to him. He would even whine if the feeder is talking to another person while he is feeding, rather selfish of him. One more thing, according to grandma, he dislikes the maid..... he would cry/whine if she comes near him, even if she looks at him!!! So small already starting to pick on people!
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Does anyone notice that you can no longer add your own url into the Slides? Or is it just me?!!!! Does this mean that I have to double the upload to two places?

**I just did my first PPP :) **

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Sasha Tan said...

yeah, my boy dislike my hubby for the first few months too.