Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Condo Management

Today I felt so frustrated of the management of my condominium, I'm gonna tell you of their doings.

Anyone of you staying in a condominium/apartment with a lousy/sloppy management?

What made me so mad is that I have to take the stairs to reach my doorstep at 16th floor carrying so many things with me!!! Worse part is Elaine have to walk up with me too!! Because the $+up1D management have both elevators broken down on a Saturday night! OK, you would all say that probably it is just a coincidence but let me tell you what happened. There are 2 lifts in my block and Lift 1 have already broken down for a few days and no urgency was the repair. We residence already have to bear with a block running on a block serving and I had feared that it might break down upon high volume usage. I still wonder why Lift 1 took so long for repair (and are still non-functional this morning) but Lift 2 was repaired overnight! Personally I think all these could have been avoided if actions are taken with some urgency. With only Lift 2 working today, what if it breaks down again tonight? What if there is an emergency?

I really do not understand what am I paying for the maintenance for when nothing much is being maintained (The only area the management would have scored well is cleanliness, we have a team of a very diligent housekeepers and gardenera)

1. The guards.......
- they always let people double parking (Each residence have only one parking, visitors have to park outside) Some of these double parkers park overnight too and their cars are not clamped, as warned! Sometimes they double park and just block up the entry/exit of the block where you let passengers down/pick-up during the rain.
- I rarely see them patrolling the compound. Also the reason why the cars can park as they wish
- seems like they would open the gates for certain resident/visitors even when the management pinned up memo on the required use their card to enter/exit.
- Sometimes I see non-residence walk around without a tag neither have they registered at the guard post. The examples I can think of:
* there were 3 elevators mechanics on my floor that night neither any of them have a tag on them.
* Once I even found someone sleeping on the floor of my BIL's neighbour's place (he is staying in the same condo on another block. I did tell the guard of the problem that night but there was only one guy manning the post and another resident have another problem, someone parked in his parking lot)

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
Sorry for the poor lighting...... this was taken with my old SE K618i

2. No pets rule......
- Quite a number of residence have pet (dogs and cats) in their home. (I would be ok if they do not take them out to pee and poo in the garden within the vicinity.
- even the maintenance people feed the stray cats within the compound. I actually suspect that they were the ones rearing them.
- the stray cats scratch car tyres and sleep on the car bonnets. Every morning I can find cat prints on my windscreen, especially after the rain water dried up.
- some children have developed allergies and rashes when they came in contact with those animals, like our Nicole and another Nicole from the 11th Floor

3. In house maintenance......
- the in-house phone is not working (you know the one that links directly to the guard house)
- the power would always trip whenever it thunders. Once it tripped 3-4 times within an hour. They have informed us that they have changed the necessary fuse boxes but the problem still there. It tripped so bad that my BIL's surge protector kena fused (Luckily got warranty)
- whenever the power trip, the lighting at the parking lot also kaput. Right now the lights are on during daytime and it is all darkness at night. Now we are all scared if someone would sneak up on us in the darkness. Not all residents are good people, right?
- the aerial reception is horrible yet we are not allowed to fix our own antenna. So we have to depend on Astro lor
- the guards rarely patrol the floors of the blocks.
- the entry/exit barrier always broken at the guard house. Now this condition worsen the double parking problem.
- the road bump near the maintenance is built too high. I always scratch my car whenever I pass it carrying 4 people in it. My car is a stock car! They built the bumps overnight and we were not notified of it either. The manager had promised that he will lower it but till today nothing is done.

I am blogging this so that I can remember to write an official complaint letter to the management, as well as circulating a copy of it to all the residents. At least I can put up the points, that I see as important, here and access it whenever I needed it.
Sometimes really cannot tahan the place but Elaine liked the place so much that I have to let her have it her way lor. But I told her that I will do what I can to improve the situation as long as she doesn't nag me :P

As I returned home yesterday I found the maintenance sign is still on Lift 1
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It seems like there is a paper stuck on the wall in between the lifts.
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Comments penned by other residents

"The answer is to sue the management for neglect"

"Fully agree"

Seems like someone beats me to it. But I will still be writing my letter to the management. In fact I am more determined!!!! At least I am not the only one in this cause.

This morning we have to take the stairs down because no lift was running and Lift 2 was stuck at 17th floor with someone inside!!!!
Btw, the management is still under the developer so will have to waith till we got our strata title before we can do like what duckie's place

I have called the management and I was told them of the situation and how long more do we have to wait to have 2 functioning lifts. I was told that they were waiting for insurance claim on the Lift 1 after it was struck by lightning!!!


chanelwong said...

wow, it must been quite a bad experience. So far touch wood after staying almost 4 years in apt, my apt is ok.Do you have committee there?

Duckie said...

last time, my apartment also same situation like yours. Worse is i live in the 20th floor and there were many many times what wifey and I have to use the staris to walk all the way to our floor. I think normally when 1 lift break down, the other will definately break down later. Then the residents form committee and did some changes. they change the security company, they also publish the names of people who don't pay maintenance charges. (some residents owe until 11K++ Things got better.
I guess at the end of the day, both parties have a role to play. The residents have to pay maint fees and the management have to do their job. It is just unfortunate that sometimes those who pay on time get caught up in the middle.
sorry for long comment.

jazzmint said...

wah wah.....really teruk case leh