Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Posting of Birthday Greetings

Well here I'd like to take this opportunity to wish someone a Happy Belated Birthday, which happened to be on the 22nd April. I think his birthday is the only birthday I know by hard amongst all my cousins. Probably because we always have to fight to see who is the elder cousin since we were born in the same year. Please direct him to my blog. And if he wanted this picture I have scanned from my collection, please contact me.

This picture is taken somewhat close to 30 years ago, and by who???? (I dunno who la) and the location was in front of the orang utan cage in Botanical Garden (Kebun Bunga) in Penang. At that time it was occupied by a female orang utan.(If I am not mistaken and I also wanted to ask the photographer why the orang utan is not in the picture leh?) Then the whole botanical was filled with monkeys and you will not be fined for feeding them (I'm not sure how is it now, haven't been there for more than 10 years already lo) ** Also an advise to those whom plan to go there: Don't tease the monkeys excessively, though they might look tame but they may turn aggressive, especially snatching from small children, some even dare to chase after adults **

There was quite a few pictures that was taken but I only scanned this one because this is one of the very few pictures I have taken with him. My mum and sis is still keeping their share of pictures so I will have to wait for them to bring it to me to scan it.

Happy Birthday to you!

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At least now both your sons are way older than my Keith :P
Also my apologies to all my other cousins for not keeping track of all your birthdays. I can start it now if you can e-mail it to me :)

And not forgeting to wish more "Happy Birthday"
to my sis on the 19th April
to Khai Kong on the 4th April (along with Lay Chin, Alvin and Fabian, used to be the 4 on 4th of April)
to Wai Kueen on the 26nd April

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