Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Month Old

On Tuesday, we have went to TDMC to have your second month dose. It was Dr Eric Lee whom gave you your jab today. What really surprised mum and me was that you stopped crying as we used the rattle again. But you did whimper quite a bit that day. But you did cry a bit later on at home. I guess the jab could have hurt you quite a bit. I did took the video and you would probably wonder why your dad was recording it instead of cuddling you, well I did carry you as soon as I off the camera. In fact that is your longest cry because your cries had never lasted more than 2 minutes, even during birth you hardly cry until the nurse have to hit you on your footsole. I wonder why mummy and grandma keep slapping you on your butt when that is the place that would hurt most after the jab. And it really breaks our heart to see you cry like the way you did in the video.

In fact you were very calm again after that (during our outing) I was afraid of taking you on our outing because I feared that you would feel uneasy. But look at how 'kay poh' you were on your surroundings.

Things I observed about you in this two months:
You are now much more patient taking your milk and you like to doze off while taking it.
You are now able to follow moving objects with your eyes and head too.
You sleeps better on the rocking cradle (Luckily there is a thing called an automatic rocker) And you have abandoned your baby cot.
You like to stretch a lot. So much that it looks like you are trying to wriggle out of your pillow.
You like BM more and are much more fussy with formula.
Your cries are for milk and whines are either for milk, diaper change or sleep.
You dislike the maid, even won't take your milk when Aunty Priscilla tried to feed you

Your Vital-Stats:
Weight: 5.1kg
Height: 58cm
Head Circumference: 38cm

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