Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Males NOT Allowed?!!!!

Yesterday we went to MidValley to buy some baby stuffs, most of you would have known that Jusco is offering their J Card Privilege Shopping Day (20-29th April)
We were at the second floor. Everything was rather fine until Keith started whining, while grandma, Nicole and the maid was in the children gaming place and Elaine was busy somewhere looking at baby stuffs. The first thought that came to me is to go to their baby's room, in case Keith needed a diaper change.

To my surprise I saw this on stuck on the wall of the Baby's room:
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
Of course I took this from the outside la

In the end I have to change Keith's diapers and fed him on the bench because I dare not go into the Baby's room. I don't wanna my day having to go to the police station and being accused of going to where I am not allowed to because with this notice there is possibility that I could be charged as a Peeping Tom with my boy as an excuse to enter!!!!

Elaine said I should have just ignored the notice, she even laughed me for not going in there because of abiding to the notice posted and she told me that they have hot water dispensers in there too **why can't she understand the tough situation I was in?**

I just wonder why Jusco, being the leading departmental store company, didn't prepare at least one Baby's Room for fathers or making one of those Baby's room accessible to fathers on one floor only. I don't think father's mind going to that floor rather than doing it in the open or, in my case, on the bench **sweat** And if breastfeeding is the the reason to ban all males then I think perhaps they should have separate feeding rooms instead of taking such a drastic banning of males!

I really take pity all those single fathers, widower fathers, househusbands or "those having to care for the baby, while the wife can have a peace of mind shopping" fathers!!!! Has society changed or is it only me and my imaginations?????

P/S - I have written an e-mail to their customer service. Let's see what they have to say about this :)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hi there....first time here. You have a cute little boy! I live in OUG..must try your desserts one day ;D Look yummy! I read about another mall who had the same rules in one of the parents blog...i think it was the Curve. It also came out in the opinion section of Star newspaper recently. I think they have since changed the ruling.

jazzmint said...

hehe i think because got some non-father go in there and do some teruk stuff.very turk huh, affect all the other males.

hey u started ppp oso, now I know who sign up under my affliate :P

Tutiger said...

mommy to chumsy : ummm.... Thanks for the info I'm still new in this blogging so I guess I didn't read that post/blog :P Btw, it have been ages I haven't bought papers to read, normally just read it online

jazzmint : must have been those japs that started all this 'pin thai' stuffs :)
Was that me? I also not sure coz that time I very kelam-kabut but I did click on you badge to sign up :) (Sifu ma, sure must support a bit)

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Jusco's reply. Pls keep us posted. It is insane to ban males in the changing room. They should have a Family room instead.

Duckie said...

actually the jusco in queensbay mall also has a room like that but they dun allow males.

Tutiger said...

vien : I sure will, if they reply to me la..... till now also didn't receive their receipt confirmation :P

duckie : Well the Jusco MidValley toilets just got renovated. They use to allow males in the toilet before their renovation but not after :(