Friday, April 13, 2007

Nicole taken to the clinic

Yesterday, grandma, Nicole and I went out to see the doctor at 9am and we left Keith in Elaine's care. The purpose for the visit is because Nicole have been having cough for about a week and her skin peeling on her palm and the sole of her legs too.

Reached home at about 10.30am because we have an appointment with the Diamond Filter guy. We have decided to go ahead with the installation of a Master Filter (surprisingly we can install this although we were located at the 16th floor) and the water was much stronger too after having it installed. After the installation we were told to leave the taps running without the mesh filter for about 5 minutes to let the rust out and I was rather impressed how much rust came out.

I know I know, with all the controversy that Diamond is facing...... but that was regarding the Drinking Filter. Anyway I got this at a very special offer :)
Btw, I do not work for Diamond, neither am I promoting their product. I am merely suggesting that we needed some sort of filtration system for our home. Lately the rustic smell is getting bad in my place

When we were at the clinic Elaine managed to snap a few pictures of Keith, each with a different expression :)
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jazzmint said...

aiyoo hope nicole recover soon.

ur boy getting more handsome lah

Anonymous said...

oo.. so handsome boy